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Main characteristics

The basis of the perfect cable taping and spinning process is the absolute control of the tension of the wrapping material, combined with the precision of the tape deposition pitch.
WTM has developed a complete range of concentric wire taping and spinning heads suitable for PADS and for CROSS WOUND SPOOLS, to be used in any WTM wrapping equipment and provided with the most advanced system for the tension control.

When highly accurate tension control is required, on wrapping heads type "TH" and "THM" a DYNAMIC dancer adjusts automatically the wrapping tension during running, independently from the diameter and weight of the pads or spools. It acts on the material just immediately before its wrapping, in order to obtain a DIRECT real tension control.

When the material makes the tension control not so critical, on "THC" taping heads an INDIRECT tension management is applied, by means of a generally used motor and torque control.

In the wire taping and spinning heads with single motorization, the dancer adjusts the mechanical braking friction; on the fully motorized wire taping and spinning heads, the electronic dancer controls the tension of the material through the synchronization between wrapping head and pad or spool.

Every cable taping head is fully interchangeable in any WTM wrapping unit and it can be equipped with a wide range of taping tools for complying with the most critical tape and yarn applications.

All characteristics can be personalized according to Customer requests.


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