Vertical wire taping machines

Complete vertical taping line

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Main characteristics

High-performance wire taping and spinning machines with concentric wrapping heads, suitable for tapes and yarns on single or stranded wires and mono or multi-core cables.

These cable wrapping machines offer the possibility to work with every kind of tape and yarn available on the market (mica, polyamide, polyimide, PTFE, paper, polyester, laminated tapes, metal, fiberglass, etc.).
They are extremely flexible and they can be equipped with any WTM taping head, both for pads up to 500 mm of diameter and cross wound spools up to 13 Kg. The wrapping rotation is synchronized with the line speed by means of a capstan pulling unit.

Every wire taping machine is completed with cable pay-off and take-up units, also available with traversing movement, in torque or dancer control. The control system is fully digital, by electrical axis and fieldbus communication, in order to execute the most precise cable covering process. Moreover, the wrapping machine is easily managed by a color touchscreen panel.

Special options:

  • Air conditioner in the taping area.
  • Stroboscope automatically synchronized.
  • Laser gauge/ spark tester / lump detector/ load cell integration.
  • VISIO SYSTEM® by camera for in-line inspection and other software utilities.
  • Digital electronic control system with possibility of internet and intranet connection for remote assistance.
  • PC-based control system.

All characteristics can be personalized according to Customer requests.


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