Concentric backtwist pay-offs

Concentrci backtwist pay-offs

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Main characteristics

Concentric backtwist cable pay-off suitable to feed high efficiency wire twisting machines.

The reel is rotating in the same axis of the cage, avoiding any speed reduction due to the gyroscopic effect and increasing consequently the production output.  These machines are studied to maintain the wire tension constant and controlled thanks to the innovative dancer that is rotating with the cable itself. These features make the wire enter the twisting unit with a perfect tensioning and a constant backtwisting. Since no transfer pulley or friction point are involved after the backtwisting, there are neither perturbations nor interferences on the distribution of the lay-length of the wire entering the stranding process.

The independent electronic control cabinet allows an easy integration of such feeders with any twisting/stranding machine and the design foresees different combinations in horizontal or vertical configuration according the space needs. The concentric backtwist wire pay-offs can be made in single, double or multiple construction.

The units can be combined in a multi position layout and create a complete cable pay-off system, suitable for the most different cable compositions, including also a central cable.

Concentrci backtwist pay-offs in line


  • Wire tension control mode by dancer or torque control.
  • Remote tension control by means of electronic pressure proportional amplifier.
  • Possibility to choose configuration with 1 or 2 positions, both vertical and horizontal.

All characteristics can be personalized according to Customer requests.


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