Single-twist cable stranders, shaft design

Single twist traslating strander

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Main characteristics

High speed single-twist stranding machines designed for manufacturing extremely flexible, high specification data/communication wires and multicore cables.

The heavy steel structure and the aerodynamic rotor ensure excellent stability and twisting precision, in order to achieve the highest performances. The cable take-up reel is held by a cantilever shaft, traversing along its axle, that acts also as a cable wire guide. The cable path is designed with the minimum bending angle, having a reduced contact with the guiding pulleys.

Reel loading and unloading operations are simplified thanks to a compact scissor lift platform that stops at the right level, thanks to specific sensors according to the size of the used reel. The stranding core is protected by a soundproof steel structure with a sliding door and an inspection window.

The fully digital control system executes the most precise twisting lay-length, additionally adjusted through a contactless meter counter feedback signal.

A rotating capstan with integrated dancer can be put in line with the strander, giving the necessary stability in tensioning and lay-length constancy for the highest technological cable production. These wire stranding lines s are perfectly completed by WTM’s high speed concentric backtwist cable pay-offs, interfaced by fieldbus communication to the central control unit, that is provided with a color touchscreen display.

Single twist traslating stranders


  • Stranding disc with rotating bolts.
  • Compacting and forming dies (also rotating).
  • In-line longitudinal taper.
  • Spark tester.
  • Pay-off units for cable filler.

All characteristics can be personalized according to Customer requests.




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