Screening machines for coaxial cables

Screening machine for coaxial cables

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Main characterstics

High-precision screening machines specifically designed for the production of flexible microwave coaxial cables with low-loss and high phase stability. These taping lines meet the requirements for the production of low-loss microwave assemblies used at high frequencies in different applications: aerospace industry, telecommunication technology, aircraft applications, video and computer systems, military equipment, medical systems, etc.

The wire wrapping module, linked electrically with the combined pulling unit, guarantees the perfect application of the silverplated strip over the insulated core. This is obtained thanks to the unique taping process, by means of the fully electronic wrapping head provided with WTM’s patented DYNAMIC dancer. The equipment has been design for the most accurate tension control of the wire, keeping it in the correct position and avoiding any bending and stressing to the core during the process.
The control system is fully digital, by electrical axis and fieldbus communication. Moreover, the wrapping machine is easily managed by a color touchscreen panel.

WTM supports the Customers in the choice of the correct solution according to their specific production needs, in the wide range of high frequency coaxial cables.


  • Absolute wrapping accuracy with possibility of cable calibration.
  • Highly precise application of the tape, with stable tension control.
  • Pulling unit by means of caterpillar, capstan or combined units (caterpillar+capstan).
  • Cable pay-off and take-up units acting in torque control.
  • Wire-guide device for pay-off and take-up with traversing movement.
  • Automatic levelling reel movement for keeping the wire straight along its path.
  • Stroboscope automatically synchronized with the rotation of each cable taping head.
  • In-line quality control by means of laser gauges, VISIO SYSTEM® by camera and load cells with possibility of product certification and reporting.
  • Digital electronic control system with possibility of intranet and internet connection for remote assistance.
  • PC-based control system.

All characteristics can be personalized according to Customer requests.


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