Taping machines for special cable production

VISIO SYSTEM®: the evolution of in-line inspection and quality control

VISIO SYSTEM® interface


VISIO SYSTEM® is the console created by WTM for the in-line visual inspection of special cables, with the aim of satisfying the growing request of quality control of the final product.

It is a stand-alone equipment provided with one (or more) industrial camera, a lighting system, an industrial PC and all necessary electronic board for images elaboration, all installed in a self-standing and movable unit.

The system elaborates in real-time the frames collected by the high speed industrial cameras installed after the taping process and gives accurate indications about the cable geometry and surface quality.

The software calculates, displays and trends the taping pitch for each revolution of the cable wrapping head, in order to give an immediate feedback to the operator and, in some cases, to the machine control itself.

Besides the taping pitch, the VISIO SYSTEM® is able to collect data from other dimensional measuring instruments (laser gauges, capacitance unit, spark tester, etc.), and is provided with software for Statistical Process Control indexes such as CP, Cpk, standard deviation, etc.).
All data can be addressed to an additional package for FFT analysis and SRL prediction. Data can also be collected on log files to be used for batch processing and quality reporting.

A dedicated team of WTM engineers is continuously working on the next evolution of VISIO SYSTEM®, developing the software at low level with the aim of guaranteeing the complete customization with an effective problem solving approach.

VISIO SYSTEM® enhances the level of in-line inspections, measuring and quality control on the production of special cables.



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