Wire wrapping machines for polyimide-FEP tape application

Linea di nastratura e sinterizzazione per polyimide-FEP

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Main characteristics

Cable taping machines suitable for flat and round wires with synchronization of its taping heads by electric axis for the precise application of polyimide-FEP composite tapes (Apical®, Kapton®, Norton®, etc.), equipped with thermal process for tape sinterization.

These wire wrapping lines can be equipped with two, three or more concentric cable taping heads, of both single motorized and totally motorized (fully electronic) type, suitable for big cross wound spools or heavy pads thanks to the separate motorization of the tape spool. The tape tension on each taping head is controlled by means of a DYNAMIC dancer, which is able to absorb effectively any perturbation of the wrapping process over the flat wire, even at high speed.

This horizontal taping equipment is completed with cable thermal treatment obtained by means of an induction pre-heater and consecutive infrared radiating, resistors or molten salt bath cable sintering ovens. After being heat treated, the layer is consolidated by compacting units and cooling equipment that allow the complete adhesion of polyimide-FEP composite tapes on the conductor.


  • Cable pay-off and take-up units acting in torque control or dancer with standard wire guide or traversing movement, in order to maintain the wire in straight direction without any deviation from its axle.
  • Possibility to operate with more wire taping heads, of single or fully motorized type, for big cross wound spools or heavy pads.
  • On the cable taping heads, the dynamic dancer maintains the tension of the tape constant and stable, guaranteeing a perturbation-free process that is highly appreciated in case of “very flat” wires (high width/thickness ratio).
  • Fast pre-heating process with high frequency heater and following compacting units by means of rollers.
  • Infrared, radiant or molten salt bath ovens for cable sintering process, with fully automatic opening and closing movement during start and stop phases.
  • The most suitable combination of pulling units (one capstan, one or two caterpillars or combined caterpillar/capstan), perfectly synchronized with the rotation of the  wrapping head for controlling precisely the linear speed and the wire tension.
  • Cooling system with recirculated cold water and air wipers for drying the cable.
  • Digital electronic control system with possibility of intranet and internet connection for remote assistance.

Other options:

  • Wire straightening with steel rollers and clearing device with brushes for ensuring the best cable preparation.
  • Paper feeder installed on the take-up unit, suitable for the automatic deposition of a complete turn of paper interlay on the reel during wire winding.
  • In-line quality control by means of laser gauges, VISIO SYSTEM® by camera and spark testers  with possibility of product certification and reporting.
  • Stroboscope  automatically synchronized with the rotation of each wire wrapping head.

All characteristics can be personalized according to Customer requests.

Linea di nastratura e sinterizzazione per polyimide-FEP



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