Equipment for taped cable thermal treatment

Molten salt bath cable sintering lines

Molten salt bath sintering line

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Main characteristics

Advanced sintering and sealing process suitable for PTFE, POLYIMIDE, FEP, SILICON and other cable insulating materials, obtained deepening them into a high temperature molten salt bath.

The wires to be treated are driven through the sintering oven inside the working tank, which is fed by an axial pump that takes the salt from the melting tank placed below. Special heating elements keep the salt temperature under control. Once the treated cable exit the oven, the residual salt on the wire surface is washed away and the conductor is cooled and dried at once.

The sintering ovens completes WTM rewinding lines: up to 4 wires, even with different dimensions and speeds, can be simultaneously treated with the same salt bath oven.


  • Two treating tank sections, also working in tandem.
  • Two-zone temperature control.
  • Pre-cleaning system by means of hot air blower.
  • Water sprayers for residual salt removal and fine cleaning.
  • High pressure air drying unit.
  • Cable pay-off and take-up with dancer control.
  • Pulling unit by means of caterpillar or capstan, as option.
  • Wire rewinding management suitable for multiple wires.
  • Digital electronic control system with possibility of intranet and internet connection for remote assistance.

Special options:

  • Salt recovering and recycling system.
  • Laser gauges (inlet and outlet) to check the shrinking percentage of the wire.
  • Load cells for wire pulling control.
  • Spark tester.
  • Meter counter.
  • Tele-service system for remote connection by internet access.
  • PC-based control system and quality report management.

All characteristics can be personalized according to Customer requests.


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