Equipment for taped cable thermal treatment

Ovens for sintering and sealing taped wires and cables

Oven for sintering and sealing cables

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Main characteristics

The ovens are realized for in-line or off-line thermal treatment on conductors.
WTM can provide a full range of heating systems and sintering ovens suitable for sintering and sealing insulated wires and cables, such as:

  • INDUCTION PRE-HEATERS suitable for in-line cable pre-heating.
  • RADIATING OVENS with resistors.
  • INFRARED OVENS with ceramic radiating elements or high frequency lamps.
  • MOLTEN SALT BATH OVENS suitable for single as well as multiwire treatment.

All WTM sintering ovens can be supplied with in-line cooling systems, by means of water and/or air.

Oven for sintering and sealing cables

Characteristics and options:

  • Possibility of traversing movement during start and stop phases;
  • Exhaust hood ready to be connected to main aspiration pipe;
  • Temperature control in different separate zones;
  • Pyrometer for feedback of temperature control;
  • Possibility to be equipped with pre-heating system;
  • Digital electronic control system with possibility of connecting to the internal network and to internet for remote assistance.

All characteristics can be personalized according to Customer requests.


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